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Types of Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction surgery is very common in Bangalore, especially at Contura Clinic. I have always found that the ladies who undergo breast reduction are very very happy. This is probably due to the sudden reduction in the weight they have been carrying on their chest. Combine that with proportionate body, aesthetics, and improvement in posture, the great satisfaction rates are probably not surprising!

No, there are technically many ways a breast reduction can be done. Each has its own indications, pros, and cons.

Read on to understand the basics of various types of breast reduction

 1. An Anchor Scar

This is one of the commonest methods of breast reduction. It is named so for the shape of the scar it leaves on the bottom of your breast; an anchor-shaped scar. It is also referred to as the ‘Inverted T’scar or Wise pattern method. With this procedure, Dr.Sreekar will make an anchor-like incision or an upside-down “T” incision at the bottom of your breast. This incision will be used to remove excess breast tissue and skin, and to reshape and recontour your breasts, and lift them into a more aesthetically pleasing position. This is the most versatile breast reduction technique available.

 2. A Vertical Breast Reduction

Indian women with moderately large breasts may be good candidates for a vertical breast reduction or ‘lollipop’ scar reduction. With this technique, the breasts are opened around the areola and the middle of the breasts. From this incision, excess breast tissue and skin are removed, and the areola and nipple are placed into a more natural-looking position. The vertical technique gives the surgeon less control than the anchor pattern reduction, but it may be a good choice for you if your breasts are not extremely large and you’re concerned about the scars associated with the anchor technique.

 3. Donut Breast Reduction

If your breasts are only mildly enlarged, the donut breast reduction may be a good option for you. As implied in the name, this option requires an incision around the perimeter of the areola. This means you’ll only have one, a short scar that can be somewhat hidden by the dark skin of the areola. This is not an effective technique for women with large, heavy breasts. Women who are seeking breast reduction rarely qualify for this technique.

4. Liposuction

If you’re a woman who only needs mild breast reduction surgery, Dr. Sreekar may opt to use liposuction for your procedure. This option is especially good for women who have fatty breast tissue and good skin elasticity.

5. No Vertical Scar Breast Reduction

The “no vertical scar” breast reduction is performed with an incision around the areola and another incision in the breast crease. There is no vertical incision from the areola down to the breast crease. This option eliminates the most visible scar and utilizes the two incisions that are easiest to hide. This technique is only used on women who have severe breast drooping and generally the results are suboptimal and the breast looks too wide.

6. Free Nipple Graft

This rare procedure is done in exceptional cases where the breast size is gigantic and actually called ‘Gigantomastia’. Here the breast tissue is extensively removed and the nipple and areola are transferred as a free nipple graft like a skin graft. this is rarely done.

Which Breast Reduction Technique is Right for Me?

All women are different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for breast reduction surgery. The truth is, which technique is right for you depends on your unique situation and anatomy, as well as your desired results including how much breast tissue you would like removed, whether or not you want your breasts reshaped and recontoured, and what you want your breasts to look like on your frame.

Discuss these factors with Dr. Sreekar Harinatha during your consultation.

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