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About Dr Nithya Raghunath

Dr Nithya Raghunath

Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

Dr Nithya Raghunath, MBBS, MD, MECAMS, Fellowship in Cosmetology(Germany); practices general and surgical dermatology with a special interest in aesthetic dermatology and laser medicine. She is board certified in Dermatology (MD Dermatology) and completed a fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology accredited by University of Greifswald, Germany. She intends to provide unparalleled medical treatment, aesthetic procedures and excellent patient service in a comfortable, state-of-the-art office.

Advanced technology is used to enhance patient care, including electronic medical records, digital photography and cutting edge medical treatments. The practice is committed to offering only the safest and most effective cosmetic treatments, including lasers and cosmetic injectables.

She received her residency training in the Rajiv Gandhi University, a combined program in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology before specializing in Cosmetology. Her expertise in the various cosmetic techniques allows her to treat a variety of people with cosmetic concern and provide a natural looking aesthetic improvement.


In addition to her clinical appointments, Dr Nithya maintains affiliations in several professional societies, including:

Member: Indian Medical Association

Member: European Society of Aesthetics

Member: Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India

Member: IADVL

Member: Bangalore dermatological society

Watch Dr Nithya Raghunath speaking about treatment of Dark Circles at the IMCAS Congress, Paris.


Watch Dr Nithya Raghunath speaking about Scar Treatment at the Scar Forum, Bangalore. 

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