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Skin Boosters


What Is Skin Booster?

Skin boosters are similar to fillers in the sense that they are made of Hyaluronic Acid, but serve a very different purpose.

It regenerates the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, which enables the skin to regain its radiant glow and natural plumpness. It is very effective for protecting the skin from the harmful impact of the environment and the natural degradation of the skin due to aging.  The skin boosters also help to internally hydrate the skin tissue and decrease the dermal pore size. It helps maintain a healthy look and skin glow.

Types Of Skin Booster Treatments

Skin booster treatments are considered to be more effective than dermal fillers when used for enhancing skin quality. Different types of skin boosters are available. However, the common thing about these boosters is that they are usually composed of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an important component in the extracellular matrix of the body, which helps maintain and regenerate the collagen content in the body. It is also an important component in keeping the skin plump and healthy.

Restylane Vital

Restylane vital, also known as a vital skin booster, is a time-tested skin booster. It consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid that is injected into the skin through a micro-puncture technique deep into the dermis Restylane vital relies mainly on the cross-linking of the hyaluronic acid and the extent of cross-linkage determines the longevity of the treatment.

This treatment mainly restores the plumpness of the skin because the cross-linked hyaluronic acid rapidly absorbs the moisture deep in the skin. This not only results in youthful skin but also maintains effective hydration. It can be used in many areas, such as the face, neck, and decolletage (the area between the neck and breasts). Restylane vital is administered once a month for every three months. The subsequent treatment involves one procedure every 6 months.

Juvéderm Volite

Like Restylane, Juvederm contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid that helps the skin regain its elasticity. The cross-linking technology of Juvederm is based on VYcross technology from Allergan. It is injected into the central layers of the dermis to nourish the skin from its deepest layer to the external ones. Juvederm is also more potent than Restylane, as one session of this treatment is enough to maintain skin elasticity for up to nine months. Moreover, Juvederm also has a lesser downtime as compared to other skin boosters.

Juvederm Volite has a broad coverage: it is suitable for all skin types of all ages. Two syringes of Juvederm are injected per treatment procedure. The Juvederm procedure can be carried out once annually and is slightly more expensive than Restylane Vital.


How Often Should You Have Skin Boosting Treatments?

Skin booster treatments usually require 3 sessions to elicit the best possible results. The specific treatment regimens differ by individual skin booster types, however, second and third sessions are done one or six months apart respectively. The skin booster treatment results are usually viable for around six months to a year.

How Is The Treatment Performed?

The administration of skin boosters is relatively simple and does not require major surgeries. Typically, the procedure is done by applying a cream to numb the skin over the area of concern followed by a manual injection of the skin booster.

What To Expect After The Treatment?

People undergoing skin booster treatment can expect young, healthy-looking radiant skin that is markedly different from the skin before the treatment. Overall, the skin is relatively free of harsh wrinkles, and the tightening of the skin due to the regeneration of the lost collagen fibers gives it a smooth texture. The skin is well hydrated and has reduced pore size.


Dermal filling techniques only ‘fill’ the skin. Of all skin treatment techniques used by people to ‘turn back time’, skin boosters are the more popular option as they improve the quality of the skin internally by regenerating the skin fibers and collagen. This treatment technique is also almost free of any dangerous side effects.


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