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Xanthelasma Removal – Excision

Xanthelasma is flat or slightly elevated yellowish growth that typically occurs on or sometimes around the eyelids.

It is made up of cholesterol deposits that accumulate underneath the skin and is usually a clinical diagnosis. The Xanthelasma are not harmful and are generally not painful or itchy. Many patients with xanthelasma have elevated lipid levels that are commonly associated with hereditary forms of high cholesterol or certain liver diseases.

Treatment of Xanthelasma is for cosmetics purposes as sometimes they may be disfiguring or uncomfortable. They may even come together to form larger plaques.

Methods of removal include chemical peels, surgery, lasers, or cryotherapy. However, recurrence is common, especially in those patients with hereditary forms of high cholesterol.

Dr. Sreekar is a highly qualified facial plastic surgeon who can quickly such swellings and reduces the chance of any scarring or damage to the skin. The surgery can be performed in our clinic, usually under local anesthesia. Dr. Sreekar will utilize advanced surgical techniques to leave little-to-no evidence behind after the swelling removal.

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