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Ear Lobe Surgery

Ear lobe repairs are one of the commonest plastic surgery procedures. It is done to treat enlarged ear lobe holes which can happen due to many reasons:

Elongated earlobe holes, or a split earlobe, can be caused by many things:

  • Heavy earrings are worn over long periods of time
  • Gauges placed in the earlobe, with increasing size, weight, and time
  • Earrings getting caught and then pulled (typically long earrings snagging a dress or other clothing)
  • Children pulling on earrings
  • Multiple piercings too close together or too close to the bottom of the lobe
  • Sudden trauma


The procedure is done under local anesthesia and takes 10-15minutes. It is better to avoid re-piercing for at least three weeks after the repair. Also, the re-piercing should be done a little away from the repaired area to avoid chances of re-tear.

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