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What happens on Breast Augmentation Day?

Prior to Breast Augmentation
  1. The lady first meets Dr. Sreekar Harinatha and plans the procedure
  2. During the consultation, the various methods of breast augmentation are explained and the right one is chosen for the individual
  3. The place of implant placement, incision etc are discussed and a final treatment plan is arrived at
  4. The medical and medication history is checked and any changes as required are made
  5. The sizing is discussed. During this, the size of the implant suitable is suggested. The lady is also advised to try out trial implants under the brassiere to get an idea about the required size.
  6. Apart from this, the lady is instructed how to do the rice test to check the implant size more accurately
  7. Pre-procedure blood tests, breast scan,s and any medical tests as required are done
Few days  before  Breast Augmentation
  1. Now, the lady should have an idea about the implant size that would suit her.
  2. Our front office will again discuss and coordinate sizing options
  3. The blood reports are checked along with scans of the breast and discussed with the anesthetist
  4. Any further doubts can be cleared via another consultation
  5. One day before the scheduled procedure, our front office will call the client and inform the pre-surgery instructions and timing of the surgery
On the day of Breast Augmentation
  1. The client comes to the clinic usually by around 8-9 am on an empty stomach
  2. The client is shown into the suite and then she fills up medical forms, goes through the consent forms, and signs them. During this, she can clear doubts with the surgeon and the team
  3. Then the treatment plan is again discussed and finalized.
  4. Then markings are done and various factors like asymmetry, incision placement, etc are noted.
  5. Once all the doubts are clarified and markings finalized, the client is taken to the operation theatre.
  6. The anesthetist meets the lady and explains about anesthesia and clears the doubts if any
  7. Once the introductions are done, the client lies down on the OT table and the anesthetist starts the general anesthesia process
  8. An intravenous cannula is placed on the hand for injections and monitors are attached
  9. Following a few injections, the lady feels like she is going to sleep.
  10. The surgical area is sterilized and prepped for the procedure
  11. Then the areas are draped with sterile disposable sheets
  12. The breast augmentation is completed under strict sterile protocols
  13. Once the procedure is completed a dressing is placed and the anesthesia is reversed.
  14. Then the lady is shifted back to the suite to recover for some time and is constantly monitored
  15. Then once the lady recovers and feels good; she is made to walk.
  16. Once she recovers satisfactorily, the operated area is checked and the post-procedure instructions are explained in detail and final IV medications given
  17. Then the lady is discharged home with an attendee
  18. With the experience of many breast augmentation surgeries by Dr. Sreekar Harinatha at Contura Clinic in Bangalore, the treatment process is smooth and predictable. Many ladies feel comfortable during the whole process. We can confidently say that we are one of the best breast augmentation surgery centers in Bangalore, India.

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