Lip Reduction

Summary of Lip Reduction Surgery

This procedure is offered to patients with large lips or with lip asymmetry. This is a fairly common condition in Indians. Most people are worried about the unusual size and colour of large lips which may be aesthetically unpleasant. Although lip reduction surgery is a simple and safe procedure, it requires a delicate touch to ensure lip lines are preserved and overall facial symmetry is achieved

What to Expect

Cosmetic lip reduction surgery is performed in Dr. Sreekar Harinatha’s fully accredited surgical center. You may choose either local anesthesia or light sedation for your procedure. There is little discomfort after cosmetic lip surgery, and no nursing care is required. The day after surgery there will be some swelling in the lip area, but the use of ice greatly minimizes the swelling. Most patients return to work in several days with fuller and more attractive lips!

Additional Procedures

Many patients who desire improvement of the lips wish to have other procedures done at the same time to take advantage of one healing time and to improve other areas. Dr. Sreekar commonly performs cosmetic lip surgery with other procedures of the face, breasts, and body.

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