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Want to understand Gynecomastia?
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Even fit men can have gynecomastia!
Many men think that the chest bulges are fat and workout intenselyy to BURN it!
Only later do they realise that the tissue is in fact breast tissue and not fat!
Why Gynecomastia should be treated
🎯Avoid unsightly chest bulges
🎯Avoid psychological effects like depressions
🎯Avoids social issues
🎯You can take off your shirt freely while swimming etc
🎯Its a simple day care procedure with fast recovery

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💻Details of the procedure are as follows:
✅Duration of procedure: 60mins
✅Duration of admission: One Day (Day care basis)
✅Return to work: 2days

Grade 3 Gynecomastia can be corrected in one session in under 60 mins⏰ with skin tightening along with breast tissue removal! ✅✅✅ Follow @dr.sreekar.harinatha 🌏
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Why Dr. Sreekar Harinatha is the right surgeon for gynecomastia surgery?
✅ Dr. Sreekar Harinatha specializes in male breast gynaecomastia surgery in Bangalore
✅ Authored over 40 scientific publications
✅ Published a highly acclaimed book titled: ‘The Male Breast: What you should know about Gynecomastia’
✅ The Gynecomastia surgery excellence center at Contura Clinic in Bengaluru is spearheaded by the world-renowned and best in class board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sreekar Harinatha who is a leading gynecomastia doctor.
✅ Dr. Sreekar’s Award Winning Gynecomastia Surgery Technique is a fast and safe male plastic surgery performed by our experienced team and setup at Contura Clinic, Bangalore, India
✅ Experience in over 2000 Gynecomastia surgeries
✅ Experienced senior anesthetist always on board
✅ Dr Sreekar’s Gynecomastia treatment surgery technique won the prestigious ‘Best paper’ Award in Taiwan IMCAS

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