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Radiofrequency is a focused field device that selectively targets fat below the skin with heat energy. It destroys fat cells without harming the surface skin or underlying tissues. The treatments are very comfortable and no anesthetic is needed; it feels like a giant heating pad. The device delivers heat energy to the fatty layer, causing the destruction of up to 60% of the fat cells, a process that is referred to as apoptosis. Fat cells are then further broken down by the body, filtered by the lymphatic system, metabolized and eliminated through urine.

It is designed for sculpting and reducing the problem areas that diet and exercise don’t seem to effect: tummy, love handles, the back bulges below where the bra sits, saddle bags, inner thighs and upper arms. Recommended for adults over 21, it is not a cure for large amounts of fat or obesity per se. It can be a great alternative to liposuction, when the fatty areas to be treated are not extensive. It is non-invasive. There is no downtime, and no risk of scarring, infection or clots, as with liposuction. You will notice some transient redness and puffiness just after a treatment.

Six treatments spaced one week apart are required. It can destroy up to 60% of the fat cells in any given area. Fat cells do not regenerate but you must mind your diet and exercise to stay trim. It is very important that patients make a commitment to stay well hydrated for best results so you should increase water intake for a few days prior and a few days after treatment. Proper hydration helps direct the flow of the radio frequency toward the fatty tissue during treatment sessions, and it also aids in efficient metabolic response after treatment to flush away the dead fat cells.

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Be well-hydrated before and after your treatment…at least 8 glasses of water. Light exercise improves the elimination of fat cells but avoid dehydrating activities high-intensity aerobics, saunas, hot yoga, diuretics and excessive alcohol for several days prior to treatment. Improvements are seen as soon as 2 weeks after the SIXTH treatment…with continued improvements 2 to 3 months following your last treatment. The patients show a reduction in all-around girth measurement, plus looking at the cells themselves, fat layer below the skin was reduced by 60% This allows us to conclude that fat cells actually were killed off and eliminated. For patients, that means that results will last, so long as they maintain a good diet, healthy lifestyle, etc. treatment, as more dead fat cells exit your body. Patients find that their clothes fit better. As long as weight and diet are maintained, the results are likely to last.

Radiofrequency has several advantages over older fat reduction systems on the market: The large diffuse treatment pattern of the treatment panels should produce a more even result.

NOTE: There are some patients who should not be treated with this method. For example, we do not treat patients who are nursing, pregnant, trying to become pregnant, patients with electronic implants, patients with cardiac defects, etc. A complete medical history will be taken before you begin to be sure you are safe.

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