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Skin Lightening Treatment in Bangalore

Sunspots or Solar lentigines are dark portions of the skin that develop after prolonged exposure to direct ultra violet or UV rays. People of all ages are susceptible to these spots, though those with lighter skin tend to develop them more frequently. Those that are sensitive about the appearance of sunspots can use a variety of cosmetic procedures to rid their skin of these marks.

Contura Cosmetic Clinic offers a number of treatments, from laser therapy, chemical peels, and other procedures, that can help combat brown or black spots. Combined with a peel or a laser treatment, the brown sun spots that age your look will disappear and give you a much more youthful appearance. It also gives best skin lightening treatment in Bangalore.

One of our most popular treatments for spot removal is:

Laser Photo Facial

Using the sophisticated Q-Switched laser, this light-based treatment targets pigmented spots in the skin. These spots absorb the laser or light energy and after rising to the surface, scab over and flake off. Although the pigment will be darker right after treatment, it can be covered by makeup and within 7-10 days, will be gone revealing fresh younger skin. A few sessions may sometimes be necessary to eliminate all sun spots.

Skin Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be a considerable problem for Indians. Melanin is the skin pigment that gives the skin its brown color. Hyperpigmentation is the appearance of dark spots due to too much melanin production in the skin. It can be caused by injury, sun exposure, or genetics.

Typical treatments for hyperpigmentation include topical applications, plasma treatments, intense pulsed light and laser treatments. The treatments must be carefully monitored by qualified medical staff under a physician’s supervision. Benefits of treatments include healthier, brighter looking skin and improved self image.

Hydroquinone is an organic, skin-lightening compound used in creams, cleansers and gels to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. We have found this product line the most reliable way to treat hyperpigmentation.  The treatment needs to be supervised in physician’s office to be safe and most effective.

Chemical peels performed by professionals can remove superficial pigment and can be used to “jump start” other treatment regimens. When the damaged skin peels off, fresh, regenerated skin appears. Peeling solutions may be purchased online and applied at home, but this can be dangerous and make your skin worse.  Chemical peels should only be done by trained professionals.

The Q-Switched YAG Lasers are powerful enough to remove tattoos and are useful for treating patients with very severe hyperpigmentation in small areas. Laser resurfacing is yet another skin resurfacing procedure. A laser surgeon uses a small beam of light to target and destroy the superficial skin cells exhibiting the hyperpigmentation, resulting in clearer skin once the damage is healed. It is also best used in lighter skinned individuals. It is also used to treat wrinkles and scars.


What can I do to prevent hyperpigmentation?

Limit sun exposure. When in the sun, use a sunblock that is at least SPF 30 and apply thickly so your skin is white 40 minutes before you go outside. Wear a wide brimmed hat.

Will treatment make my skin more susceptible to hyperpigmentation in the future?

Not usually. If you find your skin more sensitive following treatment, consult your practitioner.

How do I know which treatment to choose?

This depends on your skin type, tone, and existing skin problems. Consult a cosmetologist that specializes in treating hyperpigmentation.

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