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Otoplasty for Prominent Bat Ears

The prominent ear or also called ‘Bat ear’ is the most common deformity of the ear, and occurs in roughly 5% of people. You may notice that multiple members of your family have this condition.

Several factors may contribute to the development of prominent ears, but its inheritance as an autosomal dominant trait is probably the most important. The condition may be bilateral (both ears) or unilateral (one ear).

Ear Pinning Surgery in Bangalore

The nature of otoplasty procedure varies, depending on the problems that must be corrected. These problems, as noted above, include: a deep cup of the ear (concha), a lack of development of the fold in the ear, and various cartilage abnormalities. All of these will be corrected during ear pinning surgery.

The entire repair may be performed either from behind the ear (posterior) or in some examples from the front. An ellipse of skin is removed from behind the ear allowing access to both the concha and the area of the folds that must be re-created.

Various components of the ear pinning surgery include; sutures between the various parts of ear cartilage, sutures between ear cartilage and mastoid region (Behind the ear), partial removal of cartilage, reshaping of cartilage, folding of cartilage, etc.

The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia and takes about 30-45mins. Dr. Sreekar is a highly qualified facial plastic surgeon who does Otoplasty regularly.

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Most people don’t realize that the prominent (Bat ear) can be corrected by a simple 30mins Ear Pinning surgery in Bangalore with zero downtime👌👌👌.
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💻Details of the procedure are as follows:
✅Duration of procedure: 15-20mins
✅Duration of admission: One Hour
✅Return to work: 2days

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